Saturday, June 2, 2012

Final Push

We only have a few days left in El Salvador. Our house is basically empty. I've been slow to mentally accept that we're leaving El Salvador, but it's hard to ignore with the deafening echo of your footsteps in an empty house.

The last month has been a good one. I spent a week in Costa Rica with my mom, since we both have time to travel, and I needed to go so I could say that I've been to all the countries in Central America. Hazaa! Costa Rica was great - we went to the beach, the cloud forest, saw volcanoes, and chilled in Manuel Antonio with a gaggle of monkeys. Costa Rica is a beautiful country and is definitely has the whole tourist thing down.
three wattled bellbird!
Sunset sail near Manuel Antonio
As much as I'd like to say that our final weeks in El Salvador have been a joy, it's hard to ignore the stress of moving. First, you start with giving away or selling those things that aren't worth taking with you. Then you have to divide up things into groups of air shipment, boat shipment, stuff to take with you on the plane, and stuff (like food) that you'll have to use up before you leave. On top of that, Sophie and I have completely different ideas on how to move. I like to think that almost everything can be done in a single all-nighter, but Sophie likes to spread the work out over a few weeks. Sophie confuses my model of moving efficiency with laziness... I have no idea why!

Our life in El Salvador is coming to and end. As much as I'd like to stay, we're looking forward to our home leave (2 weddings and a road trip) and then our new post in Tel Aviv!
I'm definitely going to miss all the beautiful volcanoes in El Salvador!

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  1. Good luck moving! I am really excited about our first post in El Salvador.