Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rain rain, go away

It's been raining. Like, really raining. Coming back from the states, I had grand plans to kick it into gear and get ready for the Desafio de Lava, a half marathon going up Picaya in Guatemala, but those plans have been put on hold for the week due to the rains. It's been raining basically non-stop since early Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday, I don't think I'd quite grasped how much rain was in store for us. I bought tickets for the El Salvador vs. Cayman Islands soccer game even though it was raining during my trip to buy the tickets. The game was postponed for an hour and a half before they started playing on a completely drenched field. I don't think it stopped raining the entire time we were there, yet there were still a good number of fans in the uncovered area - crazy people! El Salvador won 4-0.

Since then, it's just been constant. I keep looking out my window, thinking "ooo, did it let up?" Nope. If it does let up, then it's only for 30 minutes and then another deluge comes. Nuts.

As you can imagine, all this rain has wrecked havoc on many communities in El Salvador that are in higher risk areas – areas prone to landslides or flooding. I've been extremely impressed by the level of involvement that local businesses have had with trying to help those displaced by the storm. My Facebook feed of stores in San Salvador is filled with pictures of small shops, like Bicimania (bike shop) and El Salvador Divers, delivering food to shelters. Super Selectos, the grocery store, has been collecting donations as well. The radio has been advertising where to go to help, etc. I guess all of this is to-be-expected, it's just not something I've experienced in El Salvador so far. We arrived last year during Tropical Storm Agatha, which also dumped a ton of rain, but at that time, we were so new here that we didn't really know what was going on.

If you're interested in learning more about Tropical Depression 12E and its impact, you should check out the recent posts from Tim's El Salvador Blog.

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