Saturday, August 20, 2011

Una Soda Diferente!

I listen to the radio more here than I did in the States, mainly because I drive much more than I used to. Since I can't get my NPR on the radio, I am forced to listen to Salvadoran stations, which are as bad as any radio station in the states, but automatically more interesting to me because it's a 'cultural experience' for me. Where else could I catch up on the latest reggaeton?

Anyway, the particular radio station I've been listening to has been doing a full court press with their advertisements for a new soda. Here's my recollection of the commercial:
Girl: ¡Soy diferente!
Guy: ¡Soy diferente! 
Both: ¡Somos diferent porque tomamos Cascada Red! 
Announcer: ¡Casacada Red es una nueva soda diferente!....
(Translation: "I'm different", "I'm different", "We're different because we drink Cascada Red." "Cascada Red is a new, different soda...")

Pretty exciting, huh? I like to consider myself a different person, so for the past month I've been on the lookout for Cascada Red, and I still haven't found it. It's marketed towards "young people like you," so maybe I'm just too old to be able to find it.

On a related note, my Spanish teacher tells me that the really exciting news on the soft drink front here is the return of cream soda. She says that cream soda was easy to find a few decades ago, but had disappeared. Now it's become a cross-generational phenomenon, because the older generation has fond memories of it, and kids today love it because it's so sweet. Who knew?

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  1. An older friend told me that 'Cascada Red' is also an old product that returned to the market, I can't remember it from my childhood. I tasted it and didn't like it. Perhaps I'm not 'too young or too different'to like it xD.

    Crema Soda on the other hand is delicious :P I liked it, but it was hardly promoted on the media and difficult to find. Then it disappeared completely about 10 years ago.