Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Buy One, Get Something Random Free

Don't you ever get tired of the same, boring, Buy One, Get One deal? Haven't you ever looked at something in the super market and thought, "you know what, I would buy that pack of Hello Kitty toilet paper, but what I really need is some Raid insect killer - if they packaged them together, then I'd be set."

Well, maybe you need to leave the United States. Here in El Salvador, combo creativity is thriving. You never know what they're going to put together next. Here are a few things that I've seen in combo:
  • 12 pack of beer with 2 extra cans taped onto it (simple and effective - no special packaging needed)
  • 12 pack of beer with a branded pint glass taped onto it
  • A box of Ziplock bags with a box of birthday candles taped on
  • Yes, Hello Kitty toilet paper taped to a Raid can
  • Air freshener taped to a Raid can
  • Maxi pads taped to an air freshener (wow!)
  • The list goes on...
I have bought the beer combos many times, but I'm unsure if anyone would ever admit to buying an air freshener/pad combo. Anyone out there experienced any good combo deals?
Flying off the shelves!

Poison is smelly

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