Friday, March 25, 2011


Our friends here joke that we're running a hotel out of our house. We gave them more fodder when we had another 2 guests, our friends Rhea and Stephanie from DC. Steph got in on Thursday, Rhea on Sunday. You're probably wondering what Steph and Sophie did on their first day of vacation, and you can probably guess it - they climbed Santa Ana volcano again! This is probably the 6th time for Sophie to climb it, but she hasn't tired of it yet - it is still a gorgeous view! On Saturday, we took a drive on La Ruta de Los Flores to Apaneca to do a zipline tour. This was our second ziplining excursion, and I have to say that the ziplining in Apaneca is better than the ziplining in El Boquerón. The cables are longer, the views are better, but it is farther away. We had a great time zooming over the canopy. After the ziplining, we walked around Apaneca and watched kids playing soccer on the road next to the town square. The game was complete with jerseys and a referee.

On Sunday, we went to Playa Sunzal to do some surfing. I wasn't feeling my best (Wine 1 - Case 0), so Sophie and Steph were the only surfers. They had a great time surfing, but we had to go to the airport to pick Rhea up, so we zoomed off to the airport to find out that her flight had been delayed by 2 hours. We decided to hang out at the airport and found that the San Salvador airport has an observation deck that you can go out on for $1. From there, you get a nice view of the tarmac. We waited there and watched Rhea's flight touch down.
Surfer chicks
I took Monday off to go hang out at the beach with Rhea, Steph, and Sophie, but worked the the rest of the days.  While I was at home, working, they went to the spa, checked out El Boquerón, visited Santa Ana (the city), checked out Mayan ruin sites, and went to some museums.

All in all, I think they had a great time in El Salvador, and it was great to see them. It was interesting talking to them about all the goings-on in DC - who's dating who, who's marrying whom (Marshall, I'm looking at you!), and just how much life has changed over the past 10 months.

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  1. Yeah for awesome hosts! It was such a great trip; you gals are fabulous. I'm proud to have made the blog :)