Saturday, October 16, 2010

Summer is here

Living in El Salvador, you quickly realize that there are only two seasons -- invierno (winter) and verano (summer).  Newcomers are always confused, though, because Salvadorans say that October-April is summer.  This all makes sense now.  After having about 4 months of almost daily rain, the weather has now changed to sun & wind.  The wind is incredible.  At night, all of our exterior doors and windows rattle and it sounds like our roof is being ripped off.  It hasn't come off yet, though.

I went on my first serious road ride last weekend with a group of riders from one of the local bike shops.  We rode 50 miles from San Salvador to Santa Ana.  The ride was awesome - there weren't that many cars and, when there were, we had motorcycle police to stop traffic.  Pretty awesome.  It was cool riding through lots of small towns outside of San Salvador.  Every block had a woman on the sidewalk making her pupusas for the day.  After a few hours, we arrived in Santa Ana, where we got a ride back to the bike shop.  The Salvadorans in the car tried to talk to me a bit, but, I found out that my Spanish listening skills aren't very good with normal Salvadoran Spanish.  Lots of new words.

When we got back to San Salvador, we were surrounded by people on their way to the celebration of 30 years of the FMLN, the leftist political group who were the 'rebels' during the civil war.  The celebration was going on at the circle that is close to our place, so, Sophie and I walked down to see what was up.  We tried to listen to the speakers, but, rapidly spoken Spanish heard through a loudspeaker isn't the easiest thing in the world to understand.

This week has been beautiful.  Mid to high 70s with tons of sun every day.  If only I weren't cooped up in my office, hacking away by my lonesome.  hah!  Sophie and I signed up for an adventure race next weekend - a kayak, mountain bike, and run race with teams of 4.  We got paired with some random Salvadorans, so, we'll see how it goes!

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