Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back to El Salvador

After a great trip to the States, I'm excited to return to San Salvador.  I'm currently sitting in the Atlanta airport.  I arrived here last night and somehow talked Delta into giving me a hotel room for a few hours so I could sleep.  ¡Qué suerte!  As I type, I can hear Spanish being softly spoken around me.  I'm looking forward to going back to speaking Spanish!

I had a great week with my parents in Chattanooga - we kayaked on the Tennessee River and biked on the River Walk and Brainerd Levy.  Since I work from home, I was able to easily transport myself 3000 miles without missing anything, although my coworkers kept asking if I had changed camera angles when I came on the videoconference with a different backdrop.  Ha!

I then spent 3 days in DC where I mostly worked, but, was able to celebrate my birthday in DC with everyone there.  What fun!

Finally, I went to Moab, Utah for a few days for biking.  Highlights of the trip include 'The Whole Enchilada' trail, which started at 10,600' in the La Salle Mountains, climbed to over 11,000' before turning to downhill for most of the next 30 miles.  We rode from the high alpine, through aspen trees with yellow leaves, to the barren desert slickrock that defines Moab.  Pretty amazing.  Karl and I were able to bike another 2 days, after which we did a hike out to Double-O arch in Arches.  We were caught in a fierce rainstorm within a mile of the parking lot and were forced to run through it to keep ourselves warm since the rain was very cold and the wind was strong.  Such is the desert, I guess.  On our drive out from Arches we were treated to... wait for it... a double rainbow all the way(yes, we have video)!  After changing into dry clothes, we went to "Pasta Jay's" in Moab for some pizza.  Everyone around us was foreign, which was surprising.  The table next to us was speaking either Italian or French - I couldn't tell which - and their waiter was trying to speak to them in their native tongue.  They then started talking about his language skills and asked him how he learned it and he started evangelizing Rosetta Stone.  He rattled off all the talking points about what makes Rosetta Stone great.  It was interesting to watch and exciting to see someone using the software that Karl and other Rosetta Stoners have written to interact with someone from another country.  Of course, the diners had some grammatical corrections for him, but, he didn't seem fazed.

Adios, Estados Unidos.  Estoy emocionado para regresar a El Salvador y ver mi esposa!


  1. did you talk Delta into giving you hotel stay....what's the secret. I had a flight canceled on Monday and they didn't even offer me peanuts!!!

  2. Inspiration, amigo. Muchas gracias.

  3. @ForeignObsession - no idea. I talked to the right person, I guess. Maybe you have to be forced into a 12 hour layover for them to help you out or maybe I've gotten better at arguing my point. Either way, it'll probably never happen again.