Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bolas de Fuego

"Yea, I got a ball of fire in my hand.  So what?"
On Wednesday, a few of us went to Bolas de Fuego, a celebration somehow related to an explosion of a volcano nearby that didn't destroy a religious statue, or something.  Anyway, somehow a tradition started of celebrating the explosion every year by trying to recreate it with kerosene soaked flaming balls of fire.  Sounds like a great idea, right?  We took the 30 minute trip to Nejapa to check it out.  I had watched a few videos online of what to expect, but, the videos don't really do it justice.  When you're there, not only are the flaming balls flying by, but you also hear the flames and smell the kerosene.  It was pretty awesome.  I made a (terribly edited) video from my camera that you can watch.  Surprisingly, we didn't see many fights break out, even though there were a lot of people and the high possibility of someone getting hit with a flaming ball of kerosene.  When I was in high school, we thought we were cool because we had bottle rocket wars every summer, but, this really takes it to a new level.  I'm going to chalk this up as an experience that you will never get in the US.


  1. Here, we sue if you spill coffee on your lap. In El Salvador, you brush it off if you get hit in the face by a flaming ball of kerosene. Awesome.

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