Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Piernas Sexy

Sophie's sister left on Wednesday, so, we had ample time to recover before our next guest arrived on Friday.  It's been pretty quiet here due to Agostinas - a 4 day holiday for Salvadorans.  There are only a handful of friends around.  On one day, Sophie and I joined the Mile Swim Club at the embassy by swimming a mile.  We also had some neighbors over for an impromptu dinner which lasted for a while - even though they had already eaten.

Before we could blink, Alex from college arrived.  He got in kinda late, so, we didn't do too much the night he got in.  The next day, Beth arrived, making for a muy bueno mini-reunion.  Our first stop from the airport was Sunzal, a beach past La Libertad on the coastal highway -- probably about 30 minutes from the airport.  We were having a great time in the car and then we happened across a town where tons of children accosted our car.  We immediately wondered why people were so excited to see us.  Was this road not very well travelled and they were just excited to see someone (unlikely)?  Were they just looking for a ride on the bumper of our car (it happened, but, unlikely to be the reason)?  Did they just really love our Rav4? The suspense was killing us.  It slowly became clear what was going on.  The main bridge across a river had been washed out and was being reconstructed, so, no cars could cross it.  Luckily, the kids were willing to show us another bridge we could use.  Sophie asked if this other mode of crossing was dangerous and was assured by the kids and a lone adult that it was perfectly safe.  We ambled up the dirt road before getting to the crossing.  If you've ever played Oregon Trail, it was kind of like you had the choice to ford the river, go around, or hire an Indian guide.  These kids were anxious for us to choose the Indian guide and pay them to literally help push our car across the river.  The water was about knee level, which, made me wonder what would happen if the car decided to start floating downriver - would we drown?  would the kids be crushed?  We decided to forgo these questions and turned around and just went back to San Salvador.  ¡Qué lástima!

Back in San Salvador, we made another trip to Las Brumas, the restaurant on the side of the volcano with a view of the city.  After another amazing meal there, we tried to go to El Boquerón, but turned around when we got there in thick fog and rain.  

We decided our next course of action was to make some margaritas and go to the karaoke bar.  However, the karaoke bar was closed, so, we decided to instead head to a Salvadoran dance club.  After about 5 minutes there, Beth struck up a conversation with some Salvadoreños, which was interesting to watch because she knows very little Spanish.  Her attempts at speaking were sufficient enough to act as a catalyst for Salvador/US harmony.  The dance floor was empty until we headed to the floor with our Salvadoran friends and within 5 minutes, the floor was packed.  Overall, it was a great night in San Salvador!

Sophie rockin' the rodilla
I took Monday off, so, we wanted to make use of me being free Sunday and Monday, so, we decided to go to the beach for the night.  We mulled over returning to Barra de Santiago but decided to go somewhere new.  That somewhere new turned out to be the Decameron Resort in El Salvador.  It was an all-inclusive hotel for $40 each that had the feel of what I imagine a cruise ship would feel like.  It was actually really fun and the weather was great, but, not really what I had expected.  The highlight of the stay there was probably when the water aerobics class started in the pool we were at.  Suddenly 10s of Salvadorans, Guatemalans, and Americans were gyrating with guidance from the incredibly fit male instructor.  After the aerobics, there was an impromptu "sexy legs" competition with 4 seemingly random women judged by 4 seemingly random men.  It was entertaining.

We ended our Monday night by going to Citrón once again.  This time we tried their ice cream for desert - avocado, basil, and banana sorbet for me.  Who knew avocado sorbet would be tasty?

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