Friday, July 2, 2010


Soccer! Last weekend, we watched the US lose to Ghana. At the time, I think I was definitely wrapped up in the US advancing, but, as time goes on, really, we didn't deserve to go on. I will say it is the first time I've ever watched anything in a TGI Fridays -- who knew that I'd be watching the US play in the world cup in a TGI Friday's in San Salvador? It was still a fun game to watch, and all the other games have been fun to watch. The games today were especially entertaining. Brasil's spectacular self-destruction and man was Ghana robbed! I've never seen a game where a team was poised to score TWO goals in the last seconds of time. Poor Ghana. Oh well -- they'll be back in 4 years with an even better team.

Many people have asked if people are soccer crazy here. I'm sure they are, but, I haven't seen anything that is different from, say, people excited for the super bowl. At the mall, there are tons of people with Brasil or Argentina jerseys on. No one here cheered for Honduras -- there's a history of disputes between the two countries, including a war that was sparked (not caused) by a world cup qualifying game. Everyone is interested in what's going on though, so, it's fun to be in the know. I'm really looking forward to the Argentina/Germany game tomorrow (if I can watch it)!

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