Sunday, July 18, 2010

Busy, busy

Time is a-flyin'.  I can't believe we've almost been here for two months already.  Here's a little recap of life in the past 2 weeks.  After July 4th, I started back at work with a bang - meeting at 4am!  It was, in a word, horrible.  I wasn't the only one that was tired, though, so, at least I felt like I could commiserate with my coworkers.  That being said, I'm not doing that again.  The early morning set the tone for the rest of the week, unfortunately.  To make matters a tad bit worse, I must have touched some poison ivy while in the woods, because, I got a pretty wicked blister on my leg from it.  I would post a picture, but, it's a little too gross.  It was the size of a quarter in diameter and pretty tall - it's only now starting to disappear.

The week ended with a bang - toga party at the marine house for one of the marines who was leaving.  My famed truck sheets from my childhood hadn't arrived yet, so, I was forced to wear stylish-but-boring-with-high-thread-count white striped sheets.  I didn't win the toga contest, which, maybe was a blessing, since that meant that the pictures of me in a toga didn't make it into the embassy newsletter.  On Saturday, Sophie, a friend, and I went to Playa Sunzal.  The weather was great as we sipped beers and ate shrimp while watching surfers do their thing.  Then, at the end of our meal and right before we were planning on laying on the beach, the torrential rains came.  Oh well - such is life in El Salvador.  Beautiful days that fade into rain showers.  The beach is pretty close to San Salvador, though, so, 45 minutes later we were back in San Salvador.

This past week was a stark contrast.  Work was great, and we got all of our stuff and our curtains on Wednesday, the day before our first visitors were supposed to arrive.  We're now awash in stuff.  We brought almost everything with us - maybe we'd seen The Day After Tomorrow a few too many times, because if El Salvador ever has some days close to 0 degrees Fahrenheit, I'll be ready with my down jacket.  I pity the fools who aren't prepared.  Seriously, though, I have no idea how our stuff used to fit in our place in DC.

Our first visitors arrived in San Salvador on Friday!  One of them was supposed to get in on Thursday night, but, she missed her flight from Buenos Aires (it runs in her family).  Everything worked out, though, and yesterday we took a trip to, supposedly, one of the best pupusarias in the area and got some amazing pupusas.  10 pupusas, 3 bottles of water, and a beer for $7 - can't beat that.  After the pupusas, we lazed around before eating dinner and heading out to a friend's place for drinks and dancing.  The club was fun - a nice mix of American club music and hispanic club music.

Today, we dropped our friends off at Lago de Coatepeque - a gorgeous crater lake west of San Salvador.  It is really pretty - sorry I don't have pictures.  Their hostel has a dock on the water with hammock chairs and other great amenities.  It's also right next to a restaurant on the water which was full of Salvadorans enjoying their Sunday.  One interesting part of the restaurant was the 'pool', which was really a large rectangular hole in the dock where you could swim with a wooden floor.  Very interesting.  We had a great lunch there before renting Jetskis for 30 minutes.  Awesome.

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  1. Glad I found your blog. I had found it and then lost it...and well...I found it again. Your blog is interesting because I have lived in El Salvador as a teen for 2 years and I am Salvadorean-American, so I have had plenty of visits to El Sal in my lifetime. Enjoy the people are really friendly and warm.