Thursday, June 3, 2010

Estoy aprendiendo español

So, I've been taking language classes this week. 4 hours of class in the morning and then a private tutor in the afternoon. I've only done it for 2 days and I am completely exhausted. I did pseudo-well on the placement test, due in large part to me knowing how to conjugate, so, they put me in the advanced class. Yikes. They put me in an easier class today, so I am happy to not be scratching my head for hours as they go over the many tenses of the subjunctive mood with a bit of conditional thrown in for good measure. The school in the morning is pretty interesting -- they put a high value on learning about Salvadoran history and politics, which makes learning Spanish more interesting. It's not like high school where we read about el corregidor while my teacher tried to teach us how to say 'aquella' by holding a fake shotgun and cocking it while saying "I kay ya". Oh Señor McCall, how I miss thee.

All the pain of high school Spanish is coming back to me as I'm reminded that this stuff is hard! I just wrote a story about the future where I had to make sure that I used a sprinkling of present subjunctive where necessary. Let me know if you want to read this gem :) I may improve on my Spanish while here, but I am getting used to the fact that I will most likely still be a bumbling idiot after our tour -- although I'll be able to bumble more effectively.

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