Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Continuing On

It's hard to believe we've already been here for 4 weeks! Crazy! So far, so good. Work is going well for me, and Sophie has been able to go on a lot of site visits. She was supposed to go on a helicopter ride last weekend, but, there were too many people for the helicopter, so, alas, she had to settle for scuba diving again. ¡Qué lástima! We finally got our car last Thursday and it's been pretty nice to be able to drive around. On Saturday, we went to the lake again and discovered that our camera was lost/stolen. We accidentally left a bag at the lake the week before and we got the bag back, but, no camera. No pictures were lost, but, sucks... We returned to the same spot from the previous weekend, but this time we saw a ton of little catfish -- very cool. We got to do a nitrox dive, which means you have more oxygen than normal air in order to stave off the bends. The tanks were only at 25% oxygen, though (normal air is 21%). If we were really doing a nitrox dive, it'd be up around 36% oxygen. Oh well.

On Sunday, we drove up to El Boquerón, which is the crater for the San Salvador volcano, which is really close to our house. Getting there should have been easy, but, we managed to find our way onto a half-finished divided highway which abrubtly ended without warning. So, not only did we have to drive the wrong way down the highway (which no one was on), but, we also found a good place to go running, if you like nice big roads with absolutely no traffic. El Boquerón is very pretty -- they've planted a ton of gorgeous plants at the top of the crater and you have some great vistas into the crater itself. We grabbed a bite to eat at a random, out of the way restaurant that was situated on the edge of the crater. We contemplated hiking down the 1600 vertical feet to the bottom of the crater, but, we'll save that for another day. On our way back into town, Sophie bought a few more plants for our place and then we ate at a great restaurant with a nice view of the city.

This week has been pretty busy, or, at least, it has felt busy. I don't know how many of you watched the US v. Algeria world cup game but good god, it was awesome. I was glad that my neighbors didn't knock on my door after my piercing scream after we scored the goal to break the deadlock 2 minutes into stoppage time! Wow! Can't wait for the game on Saturday!


  1. Sounds like you guys are having a great time! I wish I had been in the same room with you for that US/Algeria game. That was amazing.
    Miss you two!

  2. nitrox - hard core! Sounds awesome.

    Any house pictures?