Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In San Salvador!

We arrived into San Salvador under overcast skies yesterday at about 1. We were greeted as we got off the plane by Sophie's sponsor, his wife, the DLI coordinator, and the driver. I was expecting to have some time to find a bathroom and then wander through customs until we saw someone, but, instead we were escorted through the dip. line and taken outside. While we waited for the van to show up, it started raining a lot. Welcome to the tropics, I guess :). The airport is near the ocean, so we had an uphill climb to reach San Salvador, which is around 700m up. We were dropped off at our townhouse, which, in a word, is awesome. I think I could get used to the diplomatic life! Furnished, three bedroom, two stories, huge closets, back porch that is partially covered -- awesome. Our sponsors stocked us with some food, which included a 6 pack of beer, which the receipt says was $0.80. Wow.

After we settled in and showered, we went out to a bar that has a great view of the city and isn't far from our place. Rum and cokes with garlic cheese bread was the special. I haven't had a rum+coke in a long time -- they're much better than I remember. After drinks, we went to Citron, which is supposedly one of the nicest restaurants in town (probably no relation to Citron in DC...). The restaurant was nice -- very modern vajilla. However, the prices at this place were more similar to DC than a developing country. That being said, the food was awesome. Sophie and I both got camarones encrustado en coco (coconut shrimp). We ended the night by going to our sponsor's house and playing a board game. Apparently they're pretty into board games -- haven't seen such avid gamers since the Sibleys.

Currently, I'm stealing our neighbors internet until ours gets set up. Today is going to be filled with lunch at the embassy and food shopping. I'm going to need to get over my disdain for taxis since our car isn't here quite yet :)

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