Friday, May 28, 2010

End of the first week

Today is the end of our first week in El Salvador. Well, it's only been 4 days, but... So far, so good. Today I had my first class with a private tutor. She's really nice. I signed up to do classes every day next week and then see what happens when work starts. I need to expand my vocab and continue progressing in Spanish - something that I hope this forced learning will help with.

It was hard to talk today after an all out night last night doing karaoke. A bunch of people from the embassy went to the karaoke bar to belt out some tunes. I think the highlight of my singing was Enter Sandman, but, that destroyed my voice -- too much guttural noises. Just a note to anyone who wants to do Self Esteem by Offspring on karaoke - don't do it. You may think that by singing along in the car to it that you have a grungy voice, but you probably don't. Just FYI.

Tonight is the first night with nothing to do for Sophie and I. Our sponsors have been freaking awesome about taking us out and helping us meet people, so, we've had little time to rest at home. Or rather, Sophie and I have had little time to rest at home -- I've had plenty :) We're also supposedly getting our TV and internet hooked up this afternoon. No more stealing internet!

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