Monday, April 5, 2010

Time's Getting Short

There could be as little as a month left until we leave for El Salvador! With that in mind, we decided to get a feel for what we're getting into by attending a Spanish church service for Easter. We both set off with the expectation that this would be fun, but, I quickly found myself utterly lost about 1 minute in. My head was racing as I drifted between moments of daydreaming and moments of complete confusion as the preacher and congregation burst into song or prayer at (what seemed like) a moment's notice. Man do I need to learn Spanish better -- traveler's Spanish just isn't going to cut it. If only I had studied Spanish full time for the past 5 months :)

Tomorrow I'm getting a rabies shot. My mom asked if I expected to be bitten by a dog. That kind of makes me wonder why I'm getting a rabies shot. Oh well -- if dogs are chasing me, I will now have one less thing to worry about.

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